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Force Majeure

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Force Majeure is the entry for the AutoFire 2007 Shooter Competition by junkboy of Monokey.

Force Majeure has the nicest pixel work I’ve seen in an indie shmup for a very long time. It’s truly a pleasure to credit feed the game the first few times just to see the backgrounds and the wonderful vehicle designs. Style-wise it’s described rather nicely by gyger:

1 part Progear
1 1/2 parts Metal Slug
1/2 part Dodonpachi
1 complete overdose of popcorn(bullets)
with just a hint of Area 88/ UN Squadron

The only thing I’d add is a bit of Steel Empire (affiliate link, blah, blah… but really worth getting) to the mix.

You’ve got all the classic elements, including your choice of 2 playable ships: the lighter, faster but slightly under-powered ship and the heavier, slower but more powerful ship. Your main shots are spread out for the first second of holding fire and then they focus. Collect powerups and get your secondary weapon going. All in preparation for one of the best looking tank bosses around.

Thanks very much to the Monokey team for this game, and we can expect hopefully expect a full version later this year.

Force Majeure

Force Majeure

Force Majeure

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    […] asked me the other day about Monokey, and the promising game Force Majeure. I was able to track junkboy down with help from Tim. Monokey are distributed and working on their […]

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