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About Me

You might be looking for my Resume. Or, you might not…

I’m William Swaney, and once upon a time I was a Technical Director at Kayak Interactive in San Mateo, where we created a platform for multiplayer games. For multiplayer games on mobile phones. This is an incredibly hard set of problems to solve, due to the distributed nature of the phones, the latency of the communication, and the fragile nature of the connection. I still love the ideas we had, and hope to continue expanding and experimenting with them on this site with my Pinch Runner project.

Getting to California is a long story. It kind of came about because I was living and working in Taipei, Taiwan. It was there I discovered Jini , by first using JavaSpaces in a project. But I wouldn’t have ended up in Taipei if I hadn’t met my wife, Tsai Hui-Min on the Internet. Good thing she was looking for a Canadian guy. Yes, it’s true. I’m a hoser working in the USA, first in New Jersey and now in California. I’ve a talented wife (as you saw from her website), and a great son, Charles Jr., aka Charlie Bear, CJ, Shih Cha-Chi, or BoDa.

I have an extensive background in distributed computing having worked with Jini for the last five years or so. In fact I moved to Princeton, NJ to work with Valaran Corporation because at that time they were one of the few companies I could find who were using Jini. I came to help them connect mobile devices to the Jini network and did the first implementation of the Surrogate architecture there. Then I got a thought… this stuff would be great for multiplayer games.

A few of us got together and started talking about this more and more. So I wrote a couple articles that appeared in The Java Developer’s Journal on the subject, way back in Vol 7 (Issue 3 and Issue 5). I started working with some other very good Valaran engineers on a prototype and there we were, a few years later, an offspring of Valaran with our own funding. Fast forward to today and I still enjoy experimenting with games, devices, and networking them all together.

If you wish to contact me, here’s my email address: wrs((at))the2bears((dot))com. If you can’t figure out that email, well… you need to turn your computer off, put it back in its box, and take it back to the store you bought it at.

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