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Spark Spectra

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Courtesy of Danmaku Gata is news of Spark Spectra. Obviously very abstract, it does use a stronger glow effect that makes it stand out a little more from some other games. It’s also a very good game.

There is a variety of different enemies to confront, each with their own colour and shape and behaviour. The bosses themselves seem to be constructed with these enemy components, each piece having it’s own hitpoints guage. There’s also a wide variety of attacks available to the player. ‘Z‘ is your standard wide shot, ‘X‘ if pressed fires a single, focused shot but if held down forms a weaker focused attack. Pressing ‘Z‘ while holding down ‘X‘ launches targeting missiles. And ‘C‘ triggers your bombs.

The enemy attacks grow in intensity, and is soon a bullet hell when facing a boss. You’ll need the usual slow-down effect of holding both ‘Z‘ and ‘X‘ down (in either combination of ‘Z‘ or ‘X‘ first) in order to navigate some of the patterns thrown at you.

Great game, go download it.

Spark Spectra

Spark Spectra

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