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Wow! Just a few hours after I posted an article about Gunroar I spy a new download at ABA Games. Mu-cade is the name, and Kenta Cho describes it as “The Physics Centipede Invasion.” I’m downloading it now…

Ok, some first impressions: Visually Mr. Cho is doing some new things. There’s a “smoky” trail left around and fading after several of the game objects move. The effect is rather cool. There’s some classic “snake” element going on, your centipede body seems to grow. This tail is apparently a weapon also, as ‘X‘ causes your tail segments to explode. ‘Z‘ is the usual main weapon. Seems there’s a bit of gravity as at times you feel that in the movement. You can also get tangled up in your tail, making movement even more difficult. The goal is to knock and bump the enemies out and avoid the same for your centipede.

So far this looks great, but quite different from his previous efforts. I imagine over the next month or two we’ll see some more iterations and improvements.



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