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Crayon Physics Deluxe Interview

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Twas the night before the next Monthly Experimental Game and thus seems appropriate to link to Binary Joy’s interview with Petri Purho. Best line? “I was born 83 in Kouvola (New Jersey of Finland)…” The New Jersey as a special place meme is expanding to Europe 🙂 Fuhgedd about it.

Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer

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There’s a new video of Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer available, showing actual game play. For the most part I’m pleasantly surprised, it looks pretty good in motion.

But… the particle effects… they burn. What, oh what were eastasiasoft thinking? They are a prime example of what I mean when I use the apparently derogatory term “Euroshmup”. The particles are in there to visually impress us (which they do), while making it frustrating to play. At least it looks like it’ll be very hard to discern between bullets and particles.

Still, particles aside, is looks better than I expected. Shame there is no demo to try, though. If you do decide to order, you could always help out the2bears bottom-line with my affiliate link on the side bar.


Spheres of Chaos

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Spheres of Chaos is now freeware. In fact multiple ports are available, including Linux and even PS2 Linux. If you haven’t played it, download it now. It’s about the trippiest Asteroids style game I’ve ever seen. In fact, just to throw in a cultural reference that very few people will relate to: Spheres of Chaos is the Hilarious House of Frightenstein of shooter games. The good news is that Iain McLeod is working on Spheres of Chaos 2008. Thanks to Jamesac for this news.

Spheres of Chaos

Spheres of Chaos

Bonus video material courtesy of The Hilarious House Of Frightenstein and my childhood…

Omega Five

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Omega Five from Hudson looks quite good. Danmaku Gata pointed me to this video, showing game play with commentary.


Pixel Warlords

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Pixel Warlords is a stylized Run ‘n Gun where the 80×60 screen has been stretched to 640×480. Not much new there, but I do like how these larger “pixels” are rotated for effect, as in flames and explosions. Not a bad start, and apparently I’m not very good at it.

Pixel Warlord

Pixel Warlord

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