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Shoot 1UP

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Shoot 1UP is a new vertical shooter from Mommy’s Best Games. It started out as a 7 day rapid prototype and is shaping up nicely for a release in January on XBox 360 Indie Games.

The idea of the game is to play with all your ships at once. Collect a “1up”? It’s added to your “armada”. Think of options, lots of options. The original prototype is available to try now, and it gets hectic pretty fast. My favourite strategy is to organize the armada into a single ship by moving into the corners.

If you do that Twitter thing, Mommy’s Best Games will be giving away game codes at some point on


Experimental Gameplay Project

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The Experimental Gameplay Project has been rebooted. The first of the seven-day challenges had as its theme Unexperimental Shooter.

Three entries, ProtoShooter, Frobot, and Egg Worm Generator were submitted. The last is the most interesting of the group, though, is not even a shooter anymore (the game became a fishtank with the shooting aspect dropped). ProtoShooter might have been interesting with its time-based mechanic, but it suffers from under powered weapons. Frobot has lots of style, but it is pretty standard take on Robotron.



Egg Worm Generator:
Egg Worm Generator


DUX Revisited

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I’ve had DUX about a week now, and I’ve played it 3 or 4 times. I have to admit I don’t understand what the big deal over the scoring bug is. I am really enjoying this game. It’s been mentioned by others, but I can tell a lot of effort and love of the genre went into creating this. It certainly has some eccentricities, but at least for me it’s proving very entertaining.

The game mechanics are based on R-Type, with the force orb being the first of a few “old friends”. The pacing is all IREM too; you can start to take it too easy drifting through the levels and all of a sudden another wave of enemies appears and the screen is suddenly full of bullets.

One of the mechanics added is Hyper Bullet Soaking. Build up your Obvious Energy and trigger this to start soaking up bullets like magnetized tokens. The more you soak the longer you can keep this going, and it’s a great way to get through some of the more narrow passages. At first this didn’t click with me, and I tried to play without it. Bad idea, you’ll need this.

The music is great and the graphical style is fairly unique. There could be more contrast, and visibility could be better, but this can be adjusted in the options. The whole game has been packaged and presented very professionally, and it’s a shame there’s been a bit of a hoopla over at the Shmups forums.


Spaghetti Planet

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Spaghetti Planet it Slackluster‘s entry in the Tentacle session at Shmup-Dev. It’s a very unique game, and one of my favourites this time.

It’s a little like Missile Command in some ways, your spaghetti tangle being the last line of defense on a lonely planet. It’s great that a back story can be implied, somehow it works in this case. Wrap your noodles around the enemies to refill your energy and to destroy them. All in what seems an inevitable march to defeat. But it’s fun while it lasts 🙂

Spaghetti Planet



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AerialKeng is Mr. Keng‘s entry for the Tentacle session, and the only one I believe to use the theme with the enemies.

I like the style a lot in this. It’s very colourful, and the vector enemies (especially the big tentacles ones) look pretty good. Shots are fast and the combination of arena style shooting with seeking bullets works well with the volume of enemies. There’s a “dash” function, that doesn’t seem to work as well, though. It might be better bound to the right mouse button rather than the space bar.


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