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How My Grandfather Won the War

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How My Grandfather Won the War is Bean‘s entry in JayIsGames’ Casual Gameplay Design Competition 6. The first thing that strikes me about this are the aesthetics. I really like the diorama look and feel, and the slightly melancholy sound track.

Gameplay is simple. Up and down arrows move your ship. There’s no left and right movement, though by charging your water cannon (space bar) you can “pull back” a little bit. These intentional limitations mean that level design is important, and Bean has done an admirable job here. At first the game seems to be about managing your water cannon, which has to recharge. Use it to splatter a safe path through the game’s hazards.

It’s actually possible to get through without shooting, however, though this is a challenge. I realize that this is also part of the game’s message. My only criticism is I wish that there was more use of the splatter mechanic in “defeating” the bosses. But then it wouldn’t be this type of game.

There are some nice touches in the game. Each dangerous element has its “good world” equivalent, and this is shown nicely within the splattered areas. The game tells a story, and I felt like finishing it for that. Similar feeling to “hearing the whole song” in Fire and Forget. Nicely done.

How My Grandfather Won the War

How My Grandfather Won the War

How My Grandfather Won the War


Experimental Gameplay Project

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The Experimental Gameplay Project has been rebooted. The first of the seven-day challenges had as its theme Unexperimental Shooter.

Three entries, ProtoShooter, Frobot, and Egg Worm Generator were submitted. The last is the most interesting of the group, though, is not even a shooter anymore (the game became a fishtank with the shooting aspect dropped). ProtoShooter might have been interesting with its time-based mechanic, but it suffers from under powered weapons. Frobot has lots of style, but it is pretty standard take on Robotron.



Egg Worm Generator:
Egg Worm Generator


Spaghetti Planet

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Spaghetti Planet it Slackluster‘s entry in the Tentacle session at Shmup-Dev. It’s a very unique game, and one of my favourites this time.

It’s a little like Missile Command in some ways, your spaghetti tangle being the last line of defense on a lonely planet. It’s great that a back story can be implied, somehow it works in this case. Wrap your noodles around the enemies to refill your energy and to destroy them. All in what seems an inevitable march to defeat. But it’s fun while it lasts 🙂

Spaghetti Planet



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AerialKeng is Mr. Keng‘s entry for the Tentacle session, and the only one I believe to use the theme with the enemies.

I like the style a lot in this. It’s very colourful, and the vector enemies (especially the big tentacles ones) look pretty good. Shots are fast and the combination of arena style shooting with seeking bullets works well with the volume of enemies. There’s a “dash” function, that doesn’t seem to work as well, though. It might be better bound to the right mouse button rather than the space bar.



Tentacle Snake

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Tentacle Snake is Galeswift‘s entry in the Tentacle mini-comp.

Turning the classic “Snake” game into an arena shooter of sorts works quite well. The goal is to build chains of colours in your tail, so that when triggered the effects of the coloured link is accumulated. Thus you get more powerful shots, longer lasting shields (for ramming), etc. I’d like to see this continued, with added enemy and weapon varieties.

Tentacle Snake

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