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Pixel Spaceships Are Back!

Posted in games, life, software at 10:40 pm by the2bears

A long time ago I used Dave Bollinger‘s Pixel Spaceships (yay Wayback Machine!) idea a lot for game sprites. Dave’s site has sadly disappeared from the internet, but I spent a few days re-writing my old Pixel Ship generator code in… Clojure 🙂

I’ve spent a fair amount of time recently testing out some new (for me) languages. Clojure, Scala, and Go. It’s very refreshing teaching my brain to think in new ways. I allowed myself to get in a bit of a rut, and I lost some of my passion for programming in the process. It’s nice to find it again.



Posted in everything, games, shmups, video at 4:13 pm by the2bears

Altostratus looks very pretty, but this early game-play demo has me a little worried on bullet visibility.



Posted in everything, games, video at 8:19 am by the2bears

Whew! Now that Knox is officially announced maybe I’ll have more time for hobbies. I cross my fingers. Anyway, the “Application Security” part of Knox is what I’ve been working on.

So I haven’t had a lot of time for much else. However, soundodger looks very interesting. Love the aesthetics, love the tight integration with the music. This type of game gets me excited about the genre again.

Okay, I had forgotten the excellent How My Grandfather Won the War, also by Bean!

Via Indie Games.


Samsung is Hiring!

Posted in everything, life at 5:52 pm by the2bears

I recently started a new job with Samsung. They opened a new R&D Lab in San Jose and I’m a part of it. The goal is to secure the Linux/Android platform of Samsung‘s phones and tablets for (mainly) enterprise use. So it’s “little ‘r'” and “big ‘D'” to be accurate. Meaning we create things with the goal of selling them as products.

We’re also hiring. I’m leading a team that is working on virtualization and containerization at various levels in the stack. Other teams are working on the many different aspects of security that, as you can imagine, need to be hardened. We have a need for all types of software engineers, from kernel space driver people to Android layer application specialists.

Send me your resume if this sounds like something you’d like to do. It’s very interesting work. I believe relocation assistance is available. Email me (in confidence of course) at the2bears(at)gmail(dot)com.



Posted in everything, games, mobile at 4:03 pm by the2bears

OUYA interests me for a variety of reasons, though the obvious one is it’s a new bit of kit that shares a common technological pedigree I’m very familiar with. It’s an Android based game console proposed for a $99 price tag.

So, random thoughts on its interesting nature:

Wow, over $8M in funding via Kickstarter. Impressive. This sort of validates my recent thinking on using commodity hardware and software for solving real problems. I think there are a number of possible products out there that combine various open source software solutions with open hardware based designs. Though, of course, I’m not sure this works when targeting gamers and home consumers.

I both like and dislike the Android choice as the platform. I like it because I understand it. I work with Android distributions at a low level, I run phone(s) with my own builds. I work with it in a professional capacity and I prefer it to the alternatives. However, I hate that it’s going to be judged on its ability (or lack of) to run AAA games. Which is what most will expect once the screen is the living room TV. Still, no matter the game it would be kind of cool watching someone playing it on their TV, from their own bean-bag chair.

It’s interesting as it’s an “open platform”. This means that, at least in theory, the barrier to entry for someone wanting to try their hand at a game is small. Development software is free, the devkit is the same as the end-user gets. It seems a good platform for indie development, at least how I view indie development. Then again, if it sees any kind of success you’ll see real indie pushed out in favor of Zynga and Popcap.

Ultimately I think there’s more success to be had pushing back into the living room, but not onto the TV. I think an Android based bit of hardware, similar to something like Sifteo does, is ideal. Interactive, multi-player gaming with cheap bits of commodity hardware. Imagine Risk, or Canasta with family or a group of friends. Only the games would be different, and would utilize the strengths of the hardware and interaction provided. The idea isn’t how to force Call of Duty onto the new kit, but what can you make with the new set of assumptions.

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