Dragon Forever

Latest Playable via Java Webstart. This version should support Windows, MacOSX, and Linux. A stand-alone download of the version submitted to the Shmup Dev Dragon SHMUP Competition is also available for Windows:

Dragon Forever v0.1

Dragon Forever is a game I started for the Shmup Dev Dragon SHMUP Competition. That’s how it started, though I’m not yet sure whether I’ll submit it to the contest. I liked following the last contest, and reviewing the entries, and I feel I can’t fairly do that again if I have entered as well. Dragon Forever is written in Java and makes use of the opensource OpenGL binding LWJGL.

The game is very much an homage to Warning Forever, the classic dojin shmup I mention here. Dragon Forever involves playing the part of the dragon, and attacking castle after castle. After each castle the difficulty is increased, the next castle is bigger and stronger, and new weapons are introduced.

Like with Warning Forever, the game will be a race against time. Several elements of gameplay reflect this: the closer you are to a unit of the castle, the hotter your flames are and the more damage they do. Of course, the closer you are the harder it is to dodge the enemy arrows and ballista bolts. Each time you’re hit you’ll incur a time penalty. As well, I think a maximum number of hits will be allowed at each castle. Currently arrows are shot from towers and walls, ballista throw balls in the air that explode into 8-way bolts, and moat units will shoot a column of water at you… extinguishing your fire for a short time and slowing you down. I intend to have each castle guarded by a wizard, with some patterns of magical shots that will hamper your movement, as well as the ability to cast spells on other castle units (such as making shots from a tower “dragon-seeking” shots that chase you).

Recent screen shots:

Current Status: I need to think of an algorithmic way to generate each castle. I’d love to have some adaptive AI in this, like Warning Forever has, but I have no idea how to do that yet. The basic wizard is there, but I need to give him spells and more shot patterns. Most of the game framework is complete, though I’d like to add hiscores as well. Click here for the Java Web Start of the latest version. This has been tested on Windows and MacOSX, and in theory should work on Linux.

The following are a developer’s diary of the game:

Dragon Forever: Small Update

Dragon Forever: Fireball

Dragon Forever v0.1

Dragon Forever

Dragon Forever

Dragon Forever

Experiment In Progress III – Give it a Try!

Experiment In Progress II

Experiment In Progress


george said,

June 20, 2007 at 4:59 am

You should make it run on mac/intel too since its only a matter

of adding some extra info on the webstart configuration file.

the2bears said,

June 20, 2007 at 9:08 am


Hmmm… it’s supposed to be setup for Mac and Linux already, but I’ve got no way to test for Mac. I’ll check the .jnlp file, probably a typo or something stupid. I know some of the other games are working for Mac on Intel.

Thanks for pointing this out,