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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

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Ok, back to work here…

The latest Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet trailer might be old news now, as it’s had lots of attention in the last few weeks. I’d like to comment on it anyway, though.

The game looks fantastic, and appears to be an “all-azimuth” shooter. It doesn’t seem to have forced scrolling, and in this sense merges some platforming mechanics in with the shmup stuff. Hope this all works out, it should (at least on paper). There’s also an implied back story (alien explorer, all alone…) that I hope remains a subtle theme rather than something forced upon us through cut scenes. No need to spoil the mythos!

My main concern right now is the platforms the game will release for. It looks like the XBox 360 is the front-runner. That should mean a PC release. After all, a 360 is just a hobbled PC, right? And I already have one of those…

Anyway, this is a highly anticipated release in my household. Can’t wait to play this.


Warhawk DS

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Warhawk DS is a very professionally put together homebrew shmup for the Nintendo DS. It’s very fast, with some great pixel work for the graphics. Seems to be a lot of content here in terms of levels, too.

There are a few glitches, not sure if they’re unique to my particular setup. There are some odd artifacts on the top screen (more on the first level, but still some later on). The movement seems odd as well, as you move vertically at a much higher velocity than horizontally. Might be the way it’s suppose to be.


Experimental Gameplay Project

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The Experimental Gameplay Project has been rebooted. The first of the seven-day challenges had as its theme Unexperimental Shooter.

Three entries, ProtoShooter, Frobot, and Egg Worm Generator were submitted. The last is the most interesting of the group, though, is not even a shooter anymore (the game became a fishtank with the shooting aspect dropped). ProtoShooter might have been interesting with its time-based mechanic, but it suffers from under powered weapons. Frobot has lots of style, but it is pretty standard take on Robotron.



Egg Worm Generator:
Egg Worm Generator


Shmup-Dev Down

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Shmup-Dev seems to be down, or rather incapacitated due to a database error. I have not been able to reach motorherp (Dan) who owns and runs the site. So if anyone can reach him or let him know, he has been pretty busy recently and probably has no idea about the problem.

Update: Shmup-Dev‘s back up, but Dan is looking for someone to take over the reins. It’s probably a fair amount of work, and I can understand him being burnt out.


Gratuitous Space Battles

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Gratuitous Space Battles has a new trailer up. “Imagine tower-defense with space fleets…” says all you need to know. It’s a trap! Now you too can play at being Admiral Ackbar. Seriously, this looks very good. Via Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

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